About ValkeIN

Valkein aims to make things we require and enjoy without being caught in the epidemic of the times. Although a specialized method / approach is born quite often, our products can always be enjoyed by anyone at area fishing category.
We value the fundamentals as fishing that anyone can challenge.
As part of it, we are not only developing products, but also vigorously doing management of fishing ponds (Arcus pond), tournaments and events, we are constantly promoting area fishing as a culture all the time with new ideas.


Dear Anglers,
Area fishing has evolved at a very fast speed in recent decades. In parallel with the evolution of items of lures and rods, methods and approaches are also diversified. Among them, what we aim for is having conversation through tackle with trouts. It is important not only fishing with latest lures and methods, but to ask for MEANING there. The MEANING of how you fish will be an important conversation with the trouts and will lead you to the next conversation. We make tackle to communicate with trouts who cannot literally speak to us.
We promise that Valkein provides tackle to make you able to communicate with the trouts.
This is a favor to ask all anglers, Fishing is always with lively fish even though it is small animal. Let's treat it carefully. It does not matter you fish a lot nor big ones. Please handle them with care and kindness.
If everyone is conscious, the fishing ponds and culture will become better and it will be a fun time more and more.
Hope we symbiosis together and have a happy and healthy life.

Yours sincerely,

Eichi Kikuchi

Valkein Co.,Ltd.