ValkeIN's first rod series!

The premium models developed under severe circumstances and tests.
There is no compromise in the series.

DainsleiF 6’1 lS-SSL Impact Solid NEW

The new model has been added to the Impact Solid First it is 30inch-shorter than the Arakawa model which has improved the handling and the solid tip has improved the catching strength. Taking over the sharp and aggressive power of Is series, the Impact Solid has reproduced the whole body balance.

DainsleiF 6’1 ML Rev-S NEW

The field staff, Hirohito Yasujima produced the No. 2 Rev series! The 2nd Rod Rev series which has been produced by the field staff, Hirohito Yasujima is “1ML Rev-S” which has the action to maximize the tenacity and power of the entire rod in order to capture without fail. The blanks with an enhanced torque more than the 1st model Rev-A is a tapered design. It has followed Mr. Yasujima’s ideal for the spoon and keep-net to show the absolute potential in the situation of 『capture without fail』.

DainsleiF Raise Wizard 6’3AL NEW

The DainsleiF has finally been completed by Takao Tochibayashi who had used a lot of rods since the ValkeIN establishment. The adjustable light design without being disturbed by any circumstances is Mr. Tochibayashi’s style, and captures quickly under the changing conditions. Under every condition, the tip contacts trout to make them bite and the belly as well as the butt sections can set a trap, It has a creative taper design which can merge each section powerfully in high dimension. The Raise Wizard is now available!!

DainsleiF Wild Sense 6’2 GL-F

The field staff, Hiromasa Aoki has released DainsleiF with the full preparation, which is named Wild Sense 6’2GL-F. The DainsleiF which Mr. Aoki’s special sense has produced, can react to the sudden bite. Without relying on neither the fast taper tip nor the power, the ground light action is loaded onto a rod, laying stress on speed landing performance. It is a natural handling rod rather than a thinking one.

DainsleiF Ex Driver 6’2VL

The precise approach produces the best contact with trout. The Ex Driver is the DainsleiF on which the uncharted Sense found by Isao Seki was shaped. The blank-action which firmly follows the handling is to set the vertical light action which conveys to the anglers’ the guessing bite. Under the circumstance which doesn’t even allow a slight gap, this rod’s potential is beyond the imagination.

DanisleiF 6’3 BR-XXGL Braise Rush

Without giving any characteristics to each section, the Braise Rush can be handled with the whole bending. The high power model XXGL powered up each section of butt, belly and tip. The Braise Rush has become available for the high-speed deployment!!

DainsleiF 6’3 BR/L Braise Rush

Fast Rod DainsleiF Braise Rush produced by Eiichi Kikuchi who accomplishes his own style Middle-taste taper design ignores a fashionable or a cutting edge one. It is an exact self-satisfied design.

DainsleiF Another Side Model 6’4 IS-L Impact Solid

Toru Arakawa’s second model, being proud of the synonym of Speed Star. It is the second model that feels the difference in speed which shifts down from the high speed. The Arakawa’s new style, manipulating double speed is now available!!

DainsleiF 6’1 L Rev-A

DainsleiF 6’1 L is the fast high end rod which ValkeIN worked on. The field staff, Hirohito Yasujima who has been fighting, using 6’1 L which could be his own biggest weapon, “Average Sensitivity” is loaded. It gives you a feeling of the surface, the middle and the bottom layers in all the situation bites in the same sense.

DainsleiF Another Side Model 6’4 IS Impact Solid

What we want is a quick rebaiting, superb operability and great flight distance. In order to manipulate the handling of quick rebait fishing, the solid tip is adopted to enable the delicate adjustment to blank with the high elastic power emphasis. Toru Arakawa’s first model , synonym of Speed Star is now available.

DainsleiF 6’1L

DainsleiF first model. The original taper emphasizing all round use!! It is a medium position rod which can cope with spooning, minnowing, the bottom and every situation.

DainsleiF 6’0GL

DainsleiF second model The harder original taper focused on operability ~Ground light action ~. It adapts for minnowing, bottom and extensive retriever fishing!

DainsleiF Another side Model 6’1 A. Akimoto

DainsleiF third model The UL action which makes the full use of the field staff, Akiko Akimoto’s style. The flexible style which makes trout bend a rod has been completed!